About Me

Jasmine Baker

Hey, I am the project manager for That is Class. I am a working class, block life mum. My favourite things to do are to throw left overs at the Mercedes bus garage behind my block, sit in 1st class on the train without a ticket and get freebies. I also like to start campaigns, protest, have a good debate and a good old laugh. On the side of all that I’m a pretty crappy punk musician. Check out my stuff on youtube.

Who else?
So please keep scrolling down to see the rest of our despicable, I mean reputable, team ,comprised of other working class comrades, middle class allies, non-binary class misfits, that is neither quite working class, nor middle class, and the rest.

Far left we have our very stressed out media manager who is very upset we do not have enough likes. So, for what its worth, please go over to our instagram page and give us a follow so we can look important! In the middle we have our very middle class Chloe Kennedy who is helping us with all this middle class as we try to get into the secret realms of middleclass artdom. And on the far right we have Emily who deals with lots and lots of investigations!

Events Manager!

Here we have our working class Event’s Manager- Colin, which rhymes with pollen, kind of. He is our social butterfly, and has got some great plans lined up for you this summer! He also is pretty handy guy to know when the computer crashes! Check in regulalry to our website to stay up to date with what’s in store 2023.