Gallery – Donated NFT’S.

That is Class is thinking of new ways artists can make a donation, but receive when they give. That is why we have set up a crypto wallet so you can donate your NFT’S to That is Class. We not only then can help to market your NFT’S, and thereby create value, but upon sale you will still receive payment in royalties.

Please drop your NFT’S here and we will upload them to our site, and advertise them at our upcoming events.

Please contact us if you require any further information about our Donate an NFT Project!

If you are donating an NFT that has been minted on the Ethereum Blockchain please send here to our secure Metamask Wallet – 0xE08EBa5D4A576502d7F042D3294C15687B6409c4

Alternatively, any Mints on Cardano can be sent here to our Nami Wallet addr1q97p86sd05l7s0m3hcl3rjkwkpgkt0qzp87u9v2chz0hvcpk7zg54hjgpmxr8r0ner4srsl377s3wzk5924mpf4pnz2smwxnlp

Please watch this space for when we will be dropping our donated NFT’S.

Please follow our NFT progress on thatisclassnft on Intsa!

Or Twitter.