Your Critical Friend

Not everyone has access to a critical friend. The type of friend that will tell you when you have something in-between your teeth, or your singing is far from in key. Whilst it’s difficult to hear criticism, as long as its constructive, it can be, yes you guessed it, very constructive.

Green vegetables on the teeth

That is why we offer our critical friend consultation scheme. Where we will work with you, and tell you, exactly where we think you’re going wrong. If you, or your organisation, are classist, we will be able to point you in the right direction and help you make the moves needed towards a society free from classism.

All our critical friends, are selected for their experience as working class individuals, but who have demonstrated a particularly outstanding critical tongue. All our consultations are for a suggested donation of £250.00, to support our work. So drop us an email,, and tell us all about your self, your organisation and we will tell you exactly what we think.

Don’t worry, it’s not quite as scary as it sounds. And we believe it’s always better to know when there is something in between your teeth, rather than wait until you’re standing before a packed out room, with all eyes on you. That is class.


That is Class worked with Sage Gateshead as a critical friend to provide detailed feedback on an artist call out to one of our development programmes. With her help and guidance we were able to simplify a lot of the descriptive language, ensure the offer is crystal clear to potential applicants and remove any potential barriers at that crucial first access stage. We were really happy with the process and would recommend That is Class to others. Thank you That is Class !

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“That is Class is providing a brilliant, critical, but friendly service where they tailor their advice to meet the individual needs of the company. We found our meeting thought provoking, and were able to implement achievable goals to ensure classism is identified and tackled effectively in the future. We felt reassured our application process was inclusive and supports accessible recruitment . Their succinct tool kit is a great approach for any company looking to start tackling classism”


“”Here at Sound and Music we know that classist barriers remain one of the biggest issues for artists and organisations across the UK and that is why we are excited about That is Class; a new, and much needed campaign, tackling classism within the arts and the wider community. We fully support their petition to make class a protected characteristic in the Equality Act, which is an important step to tackling the class issues and urge our partners and others to sign and share. That is Class are also offering an amazing critical friend service, where they offer a consultation for donation only, to help identify and dismantle classist barriers and behaviours within an organisation. Sound and Music found this very insightful. We urge everyone to make use of this resource and begin to make a serious effort towards tackling classism.” 

Sound and Music

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